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Price 1.65€ + NAVEGANTE card 0.50€ : 20/40 minutes.
Take the subway to the Baixa-Chiado station, then choose the Rua do Ouro/Rua do Crucifixo exit.
Once outside, turn left and find us at number 116.

Urban transportation platforms (Uber, Bolt, Cabify…)

20/30 minutes.
Between 7 euros and 12 euros depending on demand.


Maximum price between 14€ and 17€ : 20/30 minutes.
Note: you should never pay more than 17 euros even if the driver ask you for an extra fee (because you are located in the center or another crazy reason they use to ask you for more money). Always check if the meter is running from the beginning of your trip and pay only what the meter shows.

Important Information

The information presented is for transfers from: Lisbon Airport, Santa Apolónia, Oriente and Sete Rios.