Our City Guide

Lisbon is a city full of culture, history, great food, and beautiful views. If you’re looking to explore more of what our beloved city has to offer, our city guide is the perfect place to start. Discover Lisbon through our eyes, and learn about all the best places to see, eat, and experience.

Listen to Fado

Tasca do Chico

Opened since 1993, it’s a mandatory stop of Lisbon fado’s circuit, for consecrated artists as potential stars or simply for anyone that feels the need to sing a fado accompanied by the sound of Portuguese guitar.
Recovered from an old tavern, framed by dozens of paintings, posters, clippings and tables and benches that are not enough for everyone that wants to hear a fado. If you want to hear some Fado Vadio (Fado that is sang by non professionals), show up on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Medium price: 10 euros

Open every day from 7pm to 2am

Address: Rua Diário Notícias 39

Tasca Jaime

Fado vadio in a very typical and unpretentious vibe. It´s more of a snack house that happens to have fado at Saturdays and Sundays afternoon .

Médium price : 7 euros

Open from 10am to 8pm. Closed on Monday
Address: Rua da Graça 91

Clube de Fado

The Restaurante is in the heart of Alfama and just a “stone’s throw away” of the renowned Sé de Lisboa (Lisbon Cathedral). Portuguese traditional cooking, the sound of a Portuguese Guitar and the greatest portuguese Fado voices.

Medium price: 30 euros

Open every day from 7pm to 1am
Address: Rua S. João Praça, 94

A Baiúca

Modest family atmosphere and the Fado is of the “vadio” variety, which could be loosely translated as “amateur”, meaning anybody may get up and perform.
The space is small but overall it’s one of the most original Fado experiences in Lisbon. Make sure you book your table, since there are only about 6 of them!

Medium price: 20 euros
Open every day from 8pm to midnight. .
Address: Rua de São Miguel n20

Phone: 21 886 7284

Parreirinha de Alfama

Parreirinha de Alfama is one of the oldest and most famous fado houses and is located in one of the most typical districts of Lisbon (Alfama). Parreirinha is known to maintain the best culinary and fadista tradition in Lisbon.

Medium price: 50 euros

Open from 8pm to 1am. Closed on Monday

Address: Beco Espírito Santo 1,